My story with Israeli propaganda

Today while I am starting to write this blog piece, I came across a breaking news headline on MaanNews website stating that 2 more were killed in Gaza including a child.

Anyhow my story starts here, yesterday and in the morning hours and on a page created for Palestinian journalists only Journalist Hamadah Ahmad from Gaza posted a photo of a little girl held by her father, the photo created a big fuss on the group since some of the journalist protested the bloody photos and stated such photos not to be posted since it may bother some of the –Not used to see blood journalists- And here where I saw the photo:

never the less on my return and being active on Twitter, I have decided to tweet the photo using (, and I did so.

 Notice, although I thought it was from yesterday my post doesn’t mention a date!

During my work hours I got super busy with work related issues and forgot to check my twitter till later on during the day, to discover that @AviMayer an –Israel Lover- has followed me with several other Israelis calling me a liar and sending me links of the same photo being published on Palestinian –Israel hating- blogs like they called them.

Anyhow turns out that this photo is indeed old dating back to 2006. Lucky me (Sarcasm) this photo happened to be a unique one as it appears that Reuters photo Agency published it in 2006 stating that it’s a Palestinian child murdered by in Israeli attack on Gaza as it was taken in the same hospital casualties of the Israeli attack were being sent to. Later on Reuters retraced their claim with an apology and caption correction.

I on the other hand after finding out more about the photo retraced stating the following: “Warning/Apology: Photo I tweeted earlier which has been circulated over FB turns out to be old photo of Raja Abu Sha’ban killed in Gaza 2006”.

Following is the Israeli Army blog (IDFblog) blogs about this issue on this link (Please do read it to understand how the Israeli propaganda works):

Here is also a link to an American pro-Israel site that has Reuters Caption Correction:

I have to note here that I have done my research and I could not find the original caption correction on Reuters website, if someone would like to take the initiative to find it or contact Reuters for it, please pass it down to me, I would appreciate that.

As for the attacks the Israeli propaganda launched against me and @KhuloodBadawi and some other Palestinian tweets here are some examples of the Israeli Hate speech  directed at us:

The last tweet to me @ManaraRam Translates to “your mother is garbage, you ugly ‘Arab-ushi’’.


That is said on the little girl photo, what remains is what have not been said or confessed by the Israeli media or the IDF spokesperson is the following:

  1. Images of killed and injured kids in Gaza . On this issue I chose not to post new bloody images of children murdered or injured due to Israeli attacks on Gaza, just click on the hyperlink to view the original photos of children in Gaza during the war on Gaza AKA Cast Lead. And if you are still curious you can go ahead and do your own research on civilians, women, children killed during the Israeli operation/ war on Gaza.
  2. Israeli media continues to operate within the Israeli Military occupation boundaries, please check this blog on Electronic Intifada by Ali AbuNimah on how Israeli media decides to cover the latest attacks on Gaza  “Mowing the lawn”: On Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza and the lies behind it.
  3. The IDFSpokesperson on twitter @AvitalLeibovich who decided today to share a video of rocket firing into Israel, here is the link she shared:!/AvitalLeibovich/status/179148067155611648


This link happened to be of a more than 3 months old video, uploaded again yesterday March 11, 2012.

Here is the old video uploaded 3 months ago on October 29, 2011:

And Just in case the video is taken offline or deleted, here is a photo:

This only makes me wonder if that youtube account is not fake? And she is supposedly the IDF official spokesperson like here account on twitter says “I am the official Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson to the international press”. On the same Ahmad Nimer @ANimer a Palestinian blogger illustrated once more on his blog My Agenda . If Interested check hyperlinks for details.

Just before I end this long draining blog, I have to mention one missing element of how my day and the day of Palestine tweeps ended with the Israeli Propaganda ended, and of course the photo tells a thousand word:

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9 Responses to My story with Israeli propaganda

  1. zeer al zeer says:

    هذا العدوان بحاجة لحراك شعبي للجم الطغيان واسناد اهلنا وايقاف هذة النازية الهتلرية بثوم لبرمان والنتن ياهو قتل الابرياء عار على جبين العالم الذي تحرك دفاعا عن اهلنا في سوريا ولم يحرك ساكنا لاهلنا في القطاع الجريح النصر لشعبنا والشفاء لجرحانا والخزي والعار للمحتل الصهيوني

  2. zeer al zeer says:

    ان المكينة جيش الاحتلال يعملون حسب قاعدة اكذب حتى تصدق كذبك وهذة الببروغندة الصهيونية بحاجة لجهود خيرة لفضحها والنصر لشعبنا

  3. Peter Risdon says:

    You’re obviously unconscious to the irony here. You posted a piece of anti-Israeli propaganda.

  4. Sari Harb says:

    Good Piece, this is a good opportunity for us to be careful and accurate about the Info we post.

  5. NACHO says:


  6. Varda Epstein says:

    The woman who tweeted the photo first is a UN official. See:

    The fact is, when your cause is just, you don’t need fake-out photos to press home a point.

  7. steve baker says:

    I love how you atrociously post a fake picture trying to propogate hate towards Israel and you in turn are found out to be full of hate and using a fake picture, then try to turn and blame others, sad. Do your research before you spew your hate. You’re the one who posted a picture of a hurt girl to further your cause when it wasn’t even true, that’s disgusting!

  8. talma says:

    i trust khulud badawi and fully support her. the rest are fascistes who abuse and use any opportunity to destroy people who do not share their opinions.

  9. BRIZINI says:

    “Stop massacre in Gaza – Support to Khulood Badawi”

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